Calling All Art!

The art submission deadline is coming up for our race exhibit. In fact, Feb. 1, 2013, is the last day we’ll be accepting entries from artists of all media, ages, races, and backgrounds who have a connection to the Pacific Northwest.

3 Reasons You Should Submit Your Work

If you’ve checked out the Call for Art Guidelines and are on the fence, consider these reasons why you should submit your work:

  1. Your perspective is unique. This exhibit seeks to represent multiple voices–and that doesn’t mean you have to be singing the same tone or tune as the person next to you. You certainly haven’t had the exact same experience as that person. Let’s learn from each other.
  2. Art matters. Discussions of race through art are different than discussions of race through violent news or institutionalized wrongs. Though such things may inform art about race, art gets to “Tell all the truth but tell is slant.” Let your art tell us truths we haven’t heard from angles we haven’t considered. Share your slant.
  3. You can start conversations. If your artwork is selected, it could touch many people of many different backgrounds in a place (a museum!) to explore, to question, to talk. Imagine what you want people to discuss in the galleries. Submit the stimulus for that conversation.

Still on the Fence?

If you need help getting your submission together or with anything else, contact Mikala Woodward, Exhibit Developer, at Mikala is managing the upcoming exhibit but will not be selecting the specific artwork. Rather, she’s here to help you present your best to the Art Selection Panel.

About the Author: Andrea Michelbach knows Emily Dickinson wasn’t necessarily talking about race-based artwork when she wrote “Tell All the Truth,” but Andrea  — and perhaps Emily, too — believes that art can get at tough things in novel and useful ways.

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