Exhibit Update: Artists Confirmed!

Pardon our silence this last month — the art selection panel has been busyyyyyy! After a month of meetings and a great deal of thoughtful conversation, the panel chose 27 artists for the “Under My Skin” exhibition.

The call for art brought in a wide array of talented artists with powerful pieces. We received 87 submissions for the exhibit and over 300 individual pieces of art, a record for The Wing! We were fortunate to have so many people help spread the word, and the resulting list of art for the show could not have happened without the hard work of so many people over the course of the past year. Thank you!

Join Us in May!

With just one more Community Advisory Meeting to go, we’re fast approaching the exhibit opening in May. Mark you calendars for the reception May 9 and the official opening May 10. We would love for you to join us.

In the meantime, here’s the list of the show’s artists to get you even more excited. Keep an eye on the blog for their work and thoughts around the exhibit. If you’d like to contribute your own work and thoughts, please be in touch!

Artists for “Under My Skin: Exploring Race in the 21st Century”:

  • John Armstrong
  • Jenny Asarnow
  • Wanda Benvenutti
  • Jasmine Brown
  • Kathy Budway
  • Minh Carrico
  • Lemuel Charley
  • Ling Chun
  • Mary Coss
  • Carina del Rosario
  • Tatiana Garmendia
  • Erin Genia
  • Ronald Hall
  • Chau Huynh
  • Akiko Jackson
  • Laura Kina
  • Naima Lowe
  • Fumi Matsumoto
  • Kathleen McHugh
  • Darius Morrison
  • Cahn Nguyen
  • Polly Purvis
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Joseph Songco
  • Tim Stensland
  • Stefani Thornton

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