Language and Cultural Soul

By Vica G

so what do we want to do with it?  this problem of race/ skin color/ life cultures.

we neighbor next to each other. watch each other as we shop. we wonder at the food, music, languages “they” use.  and oh my gosh, they are speaking non-english right now and I do not know what the heck they are saying. I cannot muse and merge onto this language they use at will, at whim. Their word-sound is the air, sky, and water to them— BUT IN MY NOT UNDERSTANDING THAT SOUND, I CAN NOT REASON AND LOGIC WITH THEM.  the words of that other language float, whirl. and I, with open mouth and face against unknown word-speak, can not reach through it to reach them, to form me to them. so what do we do? we, living different cultural lives and cultural souls?

on the path of my mexican life, my mexican cultural soul, I accept  there will always be a level of intimacy that is unreachable with others who have not been born with the cultural soul of the culture that is mine. and I have hurt from that

About the Author: vica g, born in mexico, grew up in the usa, xicana poet/ 58 years of life/masters degree in library and information science

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