Sports: How Level Is the Playing Field?

By Joseph Songco

Sports has always been an important part of my life. I recall making my first friends after emigrating to the U.S from the Philippines through sports. There was a mutual respect just by playing hard and being a good teammate. It was a part of my life where I could be as good as the next person, no matter what race or ethnicity I was.

Photo Credit: (retrieved from the Wikimedia Commons)

Photo Credit: (retrieved from the Wikimedia Commons)

Jeremy Lin’s story broke out last year and like most Asian Americans, I rooted for him. I still do to this day. Just recently, 60 Minutes aired their interview with him and it talked about racism and stereotypes that he’s had to deal with since his early playing career and up to this day.

To check out the interview with Lin, visit the following link:

About the Author: Seattle photographer, Joseph Songco, has worked in the photo industry for the past 12 years. His work encompasses both fine art and commercial photography and he has exhibited in museums and galleries in both New York City and Seattle.

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