About “Talking Race”

This blog will parallel the development of an art exhibit about race that will open at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle, WA, on May 10, 2013, and run into November 2013.

The blog will be up from the fall of 2012 through the end of the exhibit’s run, during which time it aims to:

  • Expand the conversation. Engage a wider audience, beyond even those who can attend the community discussions, planning meetings, or the exhibition itself.
  • Create a safe, reflective space. Allow people involved in the exhibit to reflect on the process, their own experiences, current trends in race relations, and the role art plays in social change.
  • Trigger action. Open, genuine dialogue is a powerful starting point in addressing racism, but it is not the end goal. This blog will connect The Wing’s race exhibit with related projects and organizations doing creative work around race and racism. We encourage you read, reflect, engage — and take action in your community.

Behind the Text

This blog is managed by Mikala Woodward, Exhibit Developer and lead on the upcoming race exhibit, and intern Andrea Michelbach, masters candidate in Museology at the University of Washington.

Posts are written by The Wing’s staff and volunteers, along with a range of guest contributors. If you would like to contribute to this blog, see the Write a Post page.

Note: The ideas expressed on this blog reflect the views of the individual writers and not necessarily those of The Wing.

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