You Can Help!

A project like this cannot happen without the active participation of many individuals and organizations. We invite you to get involved in whatever ways work for you.

  • Exhibit Committees
    Shape the exhibit. Work as a team to define the exhibit’s goals, themes, content, and design. Subcommittees will coordinate art selection, public programs, online content, and other aspects of the project. For more information, click here.
  • Outreach and publicity
    Get the word out!
    Help distribute information about the exhibition, including the Call for Art, via your organization’s newsletter, mailing list, and/or community networks. For more information, check out the Community Partners page or contact Mikala Woodward, Exhibit Developer, at
  • Online Content
    Put pen to keyboard. Write one or more posts for this blog, which will run through November 2013. See the Write a Post page or contact Mikala at for suggested topics.
  • Financial Support
    Make more possible. A major exhibit requires all kinds of resources! If your organization may be able to contribute funding to this exhibit, please contact Mikala at

More ways

Want to contribute art or have another idea that’s not listed here?

Check out the Call for Art page or contact Mikala at

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